C360 video series: End-to-end customer engagement and growth through seamless omnichannel experiences

Consumer shopping behaviors and expectations have shifted significantly over the past several years and businesses need to evolve to meet these new expectations.

PayPal’s product leaders will talk about the importance of meeting consumers wherever they are, whether on social media, online or in person, and enabling seamless omnichannel experiences. They will also discuss how PayPal is looking at the entire end-to-end consumer buying experience – from uncovering the best merchant deals to assisting them through the post purchase experience – and building the solutions businesses need to grow in this new connected, omni-commerce landscape.

Click below to watch this enlightening conversation with speakers Frank Keller, SVP, Enterprise Solutions and Digital Commerce and Jim Magats, SVP, Payments and SMB Solutions, moderated by Nandita Gupta VP, Product for the Payment Products & Processing Platform.

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