Invoicing made simple.

Send an online invoice that customers can pay instantly, even if they don’t have an account with PayPal.

Getting paid just got easy


Create, send, and track invoices from any device with a wifi connection.


Create a reusable invoice template that includes your logo and company information.


Schedule recurring invoices and past-due notices to be sent automatically.


Send estimates to clients that can be accepted and updated within the invoice.

Freelance services. Landscaping estimates. Wholesale orders. Membership dues. Music lessons. Look like a pro and get paid fast.

79% of PayPal invoices are paid within one day of sending the invoice1

Send invoices on the go

The PayPal Business app lets you send invoices, track unpaid bills, and send reminders—all on your phone.

Go from estimates to invoices

Customized quotes

Send estimates with your logo and unique item details.

Efficient job approvals

Your customers can accept estimates or request changes, all in one place.

Easy estimate conversion

Automatically transfer information from your estimate directly into an invoice.

How to create and send an invoice

Create your invoice

Select Create Invoice and enter information for customer, items, price, due date, or any other terms.

Preview and send

Preview your invoice and then send it immediately or schedule it for later.

Get paid

Your customer can send a payment right from the invoice (and you can send reminders at any point).

Pricing with no surprises

No monthly or setup fees. Only pay when you get paid.

Monthly and setup fees


PayPal payments

3.49 %
+ $0.49 per USD transaction*

Cards and alternative payment methods

2.99 %
+ $0.49 per USD transaction*
* Fixed fee varies by currency received. For international transactions, the fee for receiving domestic transactions applies plus an additional percentage-based fee. Fees are subject to change.

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