Payment optimization

Maximize approvals. Minimize declines.

Help increase revenue and reduce churn with PayPal Braintree's optimized processing capabilities.

Desktop screen of an authorization rate optimization bar graph; graph features green bars and a 4% average lift

Drive auth rates and help grow your bottom line

Keep customer data current

Securely store your customer card credentials and leverage specialized tools to keep them updated and help prevent declines.

Accept more orders

Help drive authorization rates and increase revenue with solutions designed to minimize latency, reduce friction at checkout, and decrease cart abandonment.

Minimize declines

Increase payment acceptance by harnessing machine learning to intelligently retry transactions and boost recovery rates.

No additional integration needed

Payment optimization is built into Braintree, so your transactions will automatically be optimized to maximize approvals.

Optimization driven by our integrated processing engine

Our adaptive processing strategies, fresh vault, and global network all work together to help you increase authorization rates.

PayPal's global


  • Trillions of transaction data points
  • Expansive two-sided network
  • Global banking relationships
  • Direct links to card networks

Fresh vault

  • Network Tokenization
  • Batch Account Updater
  • Real time Account Updater

Adaptive processing strategies

  • Real time decisioning and retries
  • Robust risk filters
  • Merchant advisory
  • Ongoing monitoring and alerts

Drive conversion with PayPal's end-to-end payments optimization

Account Updater

Securely store and keep your customer card credentials up to date to help boost approvals and avoid declines due to stolen, expired, or lost cards.

Network Tokenization

Use network tokens to reduce latency, improve auth rates and keep data fresh with dynamic updates in real-time.

Smart Retries

Intelligently retry declines based on customer behavior, transaction history, and payment processing performance data to help recover transactions and minimize checkout friction.

3D Secure

3D Secure is built into Braintree and provides an extra authentication layer for online purchases, shifts liability for eligible chargebacks to issuers, and meets SCA requirements in applicable markets.

Smart Routing

Smart Routing uses machine learning to predict the optimal processing path for primary and retry transactions, in order to help improve auth rates and reduce transaction expense.

Direct Connect

By establishing additional redundancy with more processor options, improve long-term latency, boost authorization rates, and mitigate the impact of timeouts, outages, and transaction failures.

PayPal + WeSki

“Without a robust solution like PayPal Braintree, our growth would be hindered, as it enables us to scale as desired.”

— David Benzmira, COO, WeSki

5.4 %
increase in approval rates1

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