Why Pay Later is good for business

Helps boost sales

Offering installment options can help drive conversion and customer loyalty.

Gets you paid up front

Receive complete payment when orders are processed and we’ll take care of billing.

Increases order value

Shoppers may spend more if they know they can pay over time.

Attracts repeat customers

79% of millennial and Gen Z buy now, pay later users are more likely to shop at a merchant again if offered a buy now, pay later option.¹

PayPal Pay Later 
helps convert and retain customers

39 %
cart size increase and boost in conversion rates seen by merchants who use Pay Later.²
74 %
of buy now, pay later users say that seeing pay later messaging while shopping encouraged them to complete a purchase.³
72 %
of buy now, pay later users are more likely to complete a purchase if a buy now, pay later option is available.³

Enable Pay Later messaging to help boost conversion

Automatically promote relevant Pay Later offers on your site at key points of the shopping journey. Customers are more likely to buy if they know they can pay in installments—so you’re more likely to make a sale.

66 %
of buy now, pay later users have abandoned a purchase due to not seeing a buy now, pay later option.³

Included with PayPal Checkout

It’s easy to add Pay Later messaging through your ecommerce platform or custom site once you have PayPal Checkout.

Meet customers where they’re at

Pay Later messaging will dynamically present installment payment options based on product price while customers shop.

Useful business insights

Get reports that show sales, average order value, and customer info from installment payment purchases—available only when you add Pay Later messaging.

Automatic updates

Once you enable dynamic messaging, new Pay Later options are automatically added at checkout when available.

How PayPal Pay Later works for your customers

Shoppers are presented with Pay Later options

We’ll automatically show the relevant Pay Monthly⁴ or Pay in 4⁵ offer at checkout.

They choose Pay in 4

Customers make a down payment and then pay the balance in three bi-weekly, interest-free payments. You’ll get paid in full upfront.

Or they choose Pay Monthly

Customers apply and know within seconds if they’re approved for monthly payments at varying APRs. You’ll still get paid in full.

We make it easy

Payments can be made automatically. Customers can review plan details online or in the app.

Pay Later is already available on these ecommerce platforms

Great for your customers and your bottom line

Compare our Pay Later features
Compare our Pay Later features

Join popular brands that offer PayPal Pay Later

Steps to get Pay Later

1. Sign up

It all starts with a PayPal Business account. If you already have a Personal account, it's easy to upgrade or create a new Business account.

2. Set up PayPal Checkout

Connect your PayPal account to your ecommerce platform or code your custom PayPal Checkout. If you already have PayPal Checkout, make sure you’ve upgraded to the latest version.

3. Enable dynamic messaging

To show Pay Later promotional offers to shoppers while they browse your site, enable Pay Later messaging.

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