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Southwest Airlines used PayPal’s Hyperwallet to distribute $250 million to customers

Aug 30, 2023

Dallas-based Southwest Airlines carries more travelers nonstop within the U.S. than any other airline and offers as many as 4,000 flights a day to 11 countries. The airline is famous for the way it cares for nearly 70,000 employees and the millions of passengers it serves every year.1 Such a massive operation needs cutting-edge payment technology, which is why Southwest began using PayPal in 2008. The relationship has evolved, particularly as Southwest has moved towards transacting digitally and via mobile.

AuthorPayPal Editorial Staff
Small BusinessResources

How the Venmo Small Business Grant is helping a three-time cancer survivor change lives with Krysalis Kouture

Apr 5, 2023

When Paloma Soledad was battling cancer, she struggled to find clothing that would allow her to feel comfortable during treatment. As a fashion designer, she realized that she was uniquely positioned to help fix this problem. The experience sparked a business idea: Designing quality clothes made to accommodate medical treatment and accompanying symptoms.

AuthorPayPal Editorial Staff

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