Travel industry payment solutions

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Create seamless payment experiences that help your travel business boost conversion and loyalty.​

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Discover new routes to drive sales

Let travelers buy now and pay later

Installment payments help your travel business drive conversion by empowering customers with flexibility to pay for their trips over time.

Boost your reach

Mobile, desktop, in-app—meet customers when and where they shop. Payment methods like Venmo and PayPal can help unlock new audiences and expand into new markets.

Drive revenue

From optimized processing to earlier payment presentment and frictionless checkout, leverage capabilities that can increase your sales.

Enhance customer experiences

Deliver seamless payment journeys from booking travel to receiving compensation payments.

Your ticket to accelerated growth

84% lift in checkout conversion
PayPal’s solutions have shown they can help increase checkout conversion by 84% among customers who paid online for travel and transportation.1
325% increase in Pay Later purchases
Year over year, buy now, pay later travel payments report high growth.2
9% increase in order size
PayPal has shown it can help increase average order value (AOV) by 9% when purchasing travel and transportation services online.3

Payment solutions for the travel industry

Offer Pay Later

Drive sales and give your customers payment flexibility without additional cost or risk for your business.

Accept PayPal

Reach an engaged and loyal network of shoppers who prefer to pay with PayPal.

Accept Venmo

Reach new customers and help boost conversion by offering the popular way to pay.

Global payment processing

Explore secure, end-to-end payment processing options that integrate seamlessly with your existing setup.

Payout solutions

Send money quickly and securely to payees around the world—all on one platform.

Preferred payment methods

Offer all the ways your customers want to pay, including debit and credit cards, bank transfers, PayPal, Venmo, and digital wallets, like Apple Pay.

PayPal + Southwest Airlines

“We're over 90% digital and a lot of that volume runs through PayPal.”

— Chris Priebe, Managing Director of Payments and Risk, Southwest Airlines
  • Working with PayPal since 2008

  • Uses PayPal Braintree and Hyperwallet

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