Integrated payments solutions

Accept preferred payment methods

Offer all the ways customers want to pay, including debit and credit cards, digital wallets, PayPal Pay Later, and local payment methods—in person and online.

Optimize payments

Approve more orders with tools that accelerate revenue, including Account Updater, Network Tokenization, and Smart Retries to increase conversion, minimize costs, and reduce latency.

Manage risk

We help you protect your business with an integrated and customizable suite of fraud tools, including risk services like Fraud Protection and Dispute Automation.

Orchestration made simple

Work with multiple payment providers, acquirers, and banks to optimize customer experiences across all channels.​

Make payouts at scale

Securely send payments to 200+ markets in 50+ currencies. We support bank transfers, direct-to-card transactions, prepaid cards, digital wallets, and more.

Secure credential storage

Vault your customers' payment info for a single view of the customer, reducing friction for return shoppers, enabling subscriptions, powering in-person use cases, and more.

Innovation that drives results

25 billion transactions
PayPal processed 25 billion payment transactions in 20231
200+ markets around the globe
Scale into new markets and accept payments in 135 currencies.
4% lift in auth rates
PayPal Braintree has shown a rise in card transaction authorization rates of 4 percentage points globally.2

Global businesses driving growth with PayPal

PayPal + Live Nation

Stability is paramount both on our systems and our payment stack. PayPal Braintree's just been an incredibly reliable partner.”

— Pranay Reddy, VP eCommerce Business and Development, Ticketmaster, a Live Nation company

Global card processing built for scale

Accept popular credit and debit cards and wallets across your sales channels

  • Offer alternative payment methods including digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Accept local payment methods, PayPal, Venmo (US only), and PayPal Pay Later

  • Fulfill PCI DSS requirements because PayPal is PCI compliant

  • Use our resources to help navigate complex network requirements

Help improve security and approvals

Leverage dynamically updated network tokens to drive conversion and reduce churn.

Optimize transaction routing

Route transactions to global acquirers and networks that offer the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective processing.

Retry declined transactions

Intelligently retry declines to increase the chance of transaction success while reducing retry fees.

Keep data fresh

Use Account Updater to securely make batch and real-time updates for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

Offer PayPal and Venmo

Grow your business by connecting to a network of 400+ million active accounts

  • Deliver a seamless checkout that lets customers complete their purchase 43% faster3

  • Help increase auth rates by nearly 5%, and nearly 8% for retail purchases4

  • Learn more about how to easily offer PayPal, Venmo, and Pay Later

PayPal can help increase checkout conversion by an average of 33% for large enterprise merchants.5

Choose your integration path


Integrate with our flexible and powerful developer tools

  • Integrate with our Client SDK for Android, iOS, and JavaScript, and Server SDK for Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby

  • GraphQL, our next-generation API, offers an efficient, flexible integration with the freedom to use any programming language you want without having to update an SDK

Drop-in or custom UI

Customize your buyer's experience

  • Use our ready-made UI or tailor your own to create a checkout experience that fits your brand

  • Create a seamless, secure checkout flow across all devices

  • Keep your website compliant with PCI standards

PayPal Braintree offers the features you want


Accept Table
Payment methods Checkout experiences Integrations
Accept payments in 200+ markets, 135 currencies Online web Drop-in UI
Acquiring in 48 markets Mobile web Custom UI (Hosted Fields)
Cards (credit, debit) Mobile app SDK (server and client)
PayPal payments (PayPal, Venmo, Pay Later, PayPal Credit) In-context API
Wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, others) Omnichannel and in-person Third-party integrations
Alternative payment methods (iDEAL, SEPA, and others)

Process and optimize

Process and optimize
Optimized processing Vaulting & orchestration Manage risk
Account Updater Extensible, PCI-compliant vault Intelligent Authentication and 3DS
Network Tokenization
Payments orchestration
Fraud tools
Smart Retries Data sharing with third parties
Advanced fraud tools
Omnichannel vaulting Dispute automation

Settle and payout

Accept Table
Settle Payouts
Reporting and reconciliation Multicurrency, multi-payment method funding
Pay-in/pay-out ledger Streamlined KYC and onboarding
Next day funding6

Grow and manage

Grow and manage
Grow Third-party integrations Support
Interchange pricing Partner integrations White glove support
Recurring billing Enterprise plug-ins Global support center
PayPal Rewards POS devices or platforms​ 24/7 monitoring
PayPal Shopping
In-person use cases​

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