How PayPal Braintree helped Wellful, Inc. increase approval rates by 10%

Wellful Inc., a premier omnichannel health and wellness company, oversees multiple marquee brands focused on helping customers live healthier lives. The company was established via a merger with weight-management brand Nutrisystem, Inc., and supplement maker Adaptive Health LLC. Wellful also recently acquired the well-known weight-loss brand, Jenny Craig. This new, multi-brand company combines its powerful portfolio of high-quality health and wellness solutions with a strong focus on providing superior customer service.

Success metrics

  • 10%+ increase in approval rates.1
  • 7% higher AOV with PayPal than other APMs integrated by Wellful.2
  • 10 out of 10 rating on Wellful’s relationship with PayPal.1

The opportunity – Wellful wanted an innovative payment processor to enhance the customer experience.

Wellful’s CTO, Nitin Chaudhary, says the company’s “obsession” with customer experience prompted them to seek out a cutting-edge payment processor to enable a streamlined checkout process.

Wellful’s focus on customer experience is matched only by its emphasis on innovation, which is consistent across all its brands.

“Our brands have been around for a long time, but resiliency can only happen with a strong technological foundation and the innovative mindset that goes along with it,” says Chaudhary. “We continue to be a disruptor in the industry. We are constantly refreshing and pushing forward.”

The company sought a payment processor that could provide advanced technology and align with Wellful’s forward-looking approach. And with the ability to implement several payment methods quickly via a single integration. They found the platform they were looking for in PayPal Braintree.

The solution – PayPal Braintree offered cutting-edge functionality with proven reliability.

As a subscription-based business, ensuring the continuity of the customer experience across all its brands is critical. Maintaining a customer’s desire to improve their health is key to their purchasing decision, so ease of checkout is paramount. Any interruption in the payment process endangers sales and customer loyalty.

PayPal Braintree gave the Wellful team the confidence that a seamless checkout process would help remove any barriers that may dissuade their customers.

“How do we protect that customer mindset of being ready to live a happier, healthier life?” Chaudhary asks. “If there is any hiccup, the customer may get out of that mindset. So, eliminating any barriers with the transaction is core for us.”

All in a single integration, PayPal Braintree enables Wellful to offer PayPal, Venmo, credit cards, and other alternative payment methods. Additional functions like network tokenization and real-time account updater help ensure secure transacting and up-to-date customer data.

PayPal’s consultative approach provided from onboarding to launch impressed the Wellful team. Chaudhary also appreciates the back-end analytics that helps his team gain insight into their customers’ buying habits.

Given PayPal Braintree’s stellar performance, Chaudhary plans to bring all of Wellful’s brands onto the platform.

“I've not experienced anywhere before in my entire career the speed with which we integrated and launched PayPal, Venmo, credit cards, and other payment methods,” he says. “And Braintree provides a good arsenal of tools on things like authorization rate improvements, especially with merchant-initiated transactions for our subscription products.”

The impact – Wellful saw authorization rates rise and rated its relationship with PayPal a 10.

PayPal Braintree immediately helped increase Wellful’s approval rates by over 10%, which exceeded their KPI.* Another metric that Chaudhary watches closely is average order value by payment method. He noted that PayPal transactions have a 7% higher average order value (AOV) than other APMs integrated by Wellful.2

“Our customers get reliability with this trusted solution, which encourages them to stay and spend with us,” he says. “PayPal Braintree is giving us all we need to provide a great checkout experience.”

And not only has PayPal helped Wellful improve its checkout process, the two teams have cultivated a consultative relationship that Chaudhary sees as a true collaboration. He rates the quality of this relationship a 10 out of 10,1 saying that PayPal’s actions have built “a great amount of trust.”

“I never call PayPal a vendor,” he says. “They truly have a vested interest in making us and our customers successful in the journey towards living a healthier life.”

Watch the video and read the case study to learn how Wellful worked with PayPal to streamline checkout and offer multiple ways to pay, aligning with consumer preferences.

Wellful, Inc. Case Study (PDF)

Wellful, Inc. Case Study (PDF)

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