How PayPal Pay in 4 helps Samsonite deliver a stellar customer experience

Staying on trend for Samsonite not only relates to their product but is important when it comes to the customer's payment experience. Learn how Pay in 4 enables Samsonite to offer the flexible payment options their customers want.

Founded in 1910, Samsonite has long understood the value of keeping up with consumer behavior. Staying on top of current travel trends is a must when delivering fashionable yet functional luggage and travel products.

For Samsonite, understanding consumer preferences, needs, and expectations has another purpose as well: to provide the payment options and streamlined commerce experiences that convert first-time buyers into brand loyalists. That’s why Samsonite relies on PayPal to understand its customers and engage with online shoppers in the most compelling way possible.

Download the full case study to learn more about this dynamic partnership.

Samsonite Case Study (PDF)

Samsonite Case Study (PDF)

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