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Zettle by PayPal simplifies sales for this busy family farmstand

Omaha, Nebraska-based Jilian’s Produce is a pop-up farmstand that sells a variety of fruits and vegetables. Founded in 2015, the business is run by owner Jilian Heldt and her husband, a third-generation farmer.

“It’s been kind of a slow build over the years,” explained Heldt. What started as one truckload of produce a day has expanded to two truckloads with two trailers. “We grow everything ourselves,” she said.

The challenge - Finding a reliable point of sale system

The farmstand sits in an empty lot inside a tent. Heldt relies on a generator for power and uses battery packs to charge multiple devices.

This setup was less than ideal, but with most of her customers using credit cards, she needed a reliable point-of-sale system. And having lost an entire batch of orders in the past, Heldt wanted one she could count on.

The solution - Zettle by PayPal: Small Business Point of Sale

Heldt turned to Zettle by PayPal for a solution. Zettle Terminal provided reliability and streamlined their setup. Team members were able to easily check out shoppers, process payments, and print receipts.

“The Terminal is much more convenient than our previous setup,” said Heldt. “We love using it. The design is beautiful, I don’t have to worry about renewing prepaid phones or charging more than one device, and I love not having a lot of cords all over the counter.”

“It’s been the easiest thing for me,” Heldt gushed. “It’s easy to train people. Honestly, it ended up working out great. Zettle gives me the ability to process everything.”

With its convenient touch-screen interface, Zettle Terminal also offers inventory management and reporting features.

The result - An optimized checkout

After adding two Zettle Terminals, Jilian’s Produce saw positive results. “It has made it faster to get people [checked] out,” Heldt said.

A greater benefit for this family business is the peace of mind Zettle provides. As Heldt put it, “It’s there. It’s ready. I don’t have to worry about it. Of all the things that I've tried over the years, it's definitely been the easiest for me.”

And despite everything on her plate, this busy mom still finds time to give back. On the last day of the farmstand’s season, Heldt hosted a fundraiser for a friend with cancer, raising over $3,000 to put towards medical bills.

For PayPal’s Zettle, it’s all about making checkout as simple as possible. For Jilian’s Produce, it’s all about family, community, and locally grown food.

Jilian's Produce Case Study (PDF)

Jilian's Produce Case Study (PDF)

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