How to make payment processing work for your business – and your customers

Whatever industry your business operates in, your customers want payment experiences that work for them.

Whether they’re shopping online, transferring money on-the-go, or paying the bill in a restaurant, their preferred, trusted payment options should be available. And the whole experience needs to be friction-free. Offer all this and you could be on the way to driving extra revenue.

But to truly maximize that revenue potential and help meet demand, you need to pair the front-end with payment processing that’s tailored to your needs.

By combining the two, you get a tech stack that works for your business – and it’s only a short step away with PayPal.

That’s because PayPal Braintree can help deliver simple, speedy, and secure checkout experiences while driving approval rates and helping you accept payments in 200+ markets and 130+ currencies.

Grow your business

Expand your reach within current markets and move into new ones, without having to invest in new technology.

Drive approvals

Leverage dynamically updated network tokens to drive conversion and reduce churn.

Orchestrate your infrastructure

Get all the features you need in just one platform for added simplicity and efficiency.

Add extra to experiences

Store customer payment method information with Braintree Vault to streamline the checkout experience.

Manage risk

Access an integrated and customizable suite of fraud tools, including risk services like Fraud Protection and Dispute Automation, designed to help you protect your business.

The end-to-end payment platform built for growth

See how your business could benefit from powerful, scalable, global and processing. Deliver seamless, omnichannel checkout experiences with proven and connected solutions – online, mobile, and in-person. And set yourself apart with a payments platform that brings it altogether.

That’s the power within PayPal. That’s PayPal Braintree. #paypal

For more about PayPal Braintree, take a look at

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