9 ways travel enterprises can reach new heights with PayPal

Customer expectations and behaviors are changing faster than ever before, particularly within the travel sector. A strong payments strategy can be a key differentiator in helping you meet demands and gain the competitive advantage.

In today’s world of travel, customers expect more flexibility, convenience, and environmentally friendly experiences. To keep pace with these growing demands, businesses need to focus on building greater efficiencies, driving customer loyalty and improving customer satisfaction.

Here are nine actionable ways to exceed customer expectations and take your travel business to new heights:

Create frictionless customer experiences

Payment can be a friction point for customers. Enhancing purchasing and self-service with seamless integrations helps provide contactless, friction-free experiences.

Help drive conversion and retention

Brand, design, and optimize your checkout to help increase conversions and boost customer retention, giving customers the option to pay how they want to.

Help increase customer lifetime value

Using multiple payment options gives more choice to customers. With PayPal, you can also incentivize customers and reward loyalty to help increase overall customer lifetime value.

Mitigate risk and fraud

PayPal’s fast-learning predictive risk algorithms identify risk patterns and help mitigate risk in real-time.

Balance compliance and security

With secure vault and data sharing tools, you gain access to a sophisticated and streamlined way to build and maintain your payments system.

Expand strategic partnerships

Integrations make technically difficult experiences easy, allowing you to monetize opportunities and go-to-market faster. Connect with leading global distribution and tour operating systems, and optimize partnerships with other brands under your parent company.

Adopt the future

Modernize payments with cloud technology and gain flexibility to add new functionality without the need for new infrastructure.

Optimize payment and reconciliation

With all your transactions in one optimized control panel, your team can easily track, manage, and settle payments.

Integrate payouts

PayPal’s fully automated APIs mean you can make payouts in real-time or batches. What’s more, we help you manage payment and compliance regulations through transaction monitoring, recipient verification, and compliance screening.

Read the full brochure to discover how PayPal can help your travel enterprise transform, stay competitive and meet the needs of today’s travelers

Read The Brochure (PDF)

Read The Brochure (PDF)

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