9 ways insurers can accelerate their digital transformation with PayPal

Businesses are transforming at pace in a bid to meet ever-evolving customer demands, optimize the digital buyer experience, and stay competitive.

PayPal can help insurers transform while staying competitive. Here are 9 ways the insurance industry can accelerate their digital transformation journey to keep pace with other sectors.

Efficient technology

US insurance providers are facing a particular need to drive digitization. The use of a renewed technology strategy will simplify, automate, and drive efficiency. With a suite of solutions delivering high online conversion rates and consumer trust and loyalty, PayPal can help insurers simplify compliance, retain customers, and capture more opportunities.

Customer experience

Leveraging insights from trillions of data points, PayPal helps insurers better understand customer behaviors. Our insights support marketing efforts, helping you to attract new customers, encourage loyalty with existing ones, and enter new markets and industries.

Enhanced operations

Insurance providers are facing ongoing pressure to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency. PayPal supports with both, simplifying and streamlining payments in and claims out, and enabling easy reconciliation and reporting with one dashboard.

Simple payouts and claims

Insurance payout processes have historically been largely manual, requiring considerable paperwork, resource, and time. PayPal makes sending rebates, issuing claims, disbursing commissions, and paying out royalties easy.

Fraud and risk protection

As fraud continues to evolve, becoming increasingly complex and sophisticated, businesses must also adapt their response. The PayPal integrated, adaptive, machine-learning solution helps detect ever-changing fraud threats.

Partnerships and diversification

PayPal’s integration capabilities make it easier to expand strategic partnerships. From adding optional insurance opt-ins on third-party events or tourism sites, to enabling partnerships for customer rewards, our capabilities help to make technically difficult experiences easy.

Read the brochure to discover how to accelerate your transformation journey with PayPal

Read The Brochure (PDF)

Read The Brochure (PDF)

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