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PayPal gives Kiramoon a head start in the competitive skincare market

Kiramoon, a beauty brand focused on self-love, joy and wellness, generated $20,000 USD in online revenue in just the first two weeks of sales.1 Kiramoon needed a secure payment solution that could instill trust at checkout while helping to streamline business processes behind the scenes.

After integrating PayPal, Kiramoon saw an immediate conversion boost and a reduction of time-consuming administrative tasks. A curated mix of solutions helps maintain and grow the flourishing beauty brand.

Lindsey Martin, Founder & CEO of Kiramoon, shared with us how PayPal helped reduce some of the administrative burden for her small business, allowing her to focus her passion on products, and continue growing her dream company.

Success Metrics

  • 22% of transactions on are via PayPal3
  • 27% YOY increase in PayPal transaction volume2
  • 6.25% higher AOV than other payment methods3

The Challenge

After a successful launch, Kiramoon needed to find a payments solution that could meet their growing needs, fast. Martin knew they needed the right payments solution that her customers could trust. Kiramoon also required the ability to easily pay various agencies, contractors, and referrers in multiple currencies.

“PayPal is a trusted source and typically everyone has an account. It’s made it super easy for me to pay and track individuals and vendors that I work with.”

The Solution

When talking about lessons learned as a business founder, Martin notes that entrepreneurs should collaborate with solutions that “give you a head start.” With PayPal, Martin found more than just a payments platform, but a solution that empowers her business.

While PayPal Express checkout satisfied the immediate need for a recognized, trusted payments provider, Martin soon discovered additional solutions to help support and streamline her business. “Since pretty much everyone has an account with PayPal, it’s been a really easy way to pay individuals on a project or hourly basis,” said Martin. Making secure payments in seconds means Martin could put more time into the business itself.

Martin added that PayPal Payouts has been tremendously helpful as Kiramoon builds its affiliate program. They can pay multiple referrers at once with a click of a button. PayPal Payouts does automatic currency conversion even if Kiramoon doesn’t maintain a balance in that currency. For Martin, the experience has been seamless.

The Results

After integrating PayPal Express Checkout, Kiramoon saw an immediate conversion boost. People unfamiliar with the new skincare brand could now purchase with confidence. Today, PayPal transactions have increased 27% year over year.

Following her passion and launching her dream company, Martin generated six figures in online sales in the first year. Currently PayPal’s Average Order Value (AOV) for online sales is 6.25% higher than other payment methods with a 22% share of checkout. In addition to online B2C sales, Kiramoon also secured retail distribution deals. Kiramoon products are now carried by several major US retailers.

“We knew that creating products with the best and most effective ingredients was just the baseline,” said Martin. “Our brand is really focused on self-love, joy, and good mental health. We wanted to take these incredible formulas and instead of presenting them in clinical and serious packaging, layer in some joy, hope, and magic. We really wanted to inspire people to take that time for themselves.”

Ever the entrepreneur, Martin advises, “If your heart is calling to follow a dream, you have to answer that call because it will never go away.” With PayPal reducing some of the administrative burden for her small business, Martin can focus her passion on products, and continue growing her dream company, Kiramoon.

Download the full case study to read more.

Kiramoon Case Study

Kiramoon Case Study

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