What is payment orchestration?

As a merchant, you’re always on the lookout for new ways to grow your customer base and increase sales. But as you expand your reach, you may be left juggling a complex web of multiple payment platforms or shelling out developer resources to build new payment experiences from scratch.

That’s where payment orchestration can help. Payment orchestration allows you to integrate and manage different service providers, acquirers, and banks on a single, unified platform while optimizing transactions. With this all-in-one payment solution, you can go beyond basic payment processing and leverage the data in your vault to power endless commerce possibilities.

Learn more about what payment orchestration entails and how PayPal Braintree can help you access new global markets and optimize payments with one integration.

Navigating the payment landscape and the need to streamline operations

The payment environment grows increasingly intricate for large enterprises as the dynamic landscape of customer payment methods continues to evolve. Businesses must adhere to ever-changing regulations for both domestic and international sales. Shoppers expect personalized, unified experiences at each touchpoint.

To meet these expectations, merchants end up managing multiple payment providers — each with its own fees, integrations, and reporting systems. Many are also left trying to update traditional payment processes for a new world of digital and global payments. The problem is that these traditional solutions don’t have the flexibility and responsiveness merchants need to scale their reach and adapt to market changes.

Enter payment orchestration: a comprehensive solution that streamlines this complex landscape and enables global payment processing for business growth.

How does payment orchestration help unlock access to more markets?

First, what is payment orchestration? Payment orchestration is an all-in-one solution that provides a single platform for managing all payment service providers (PSPs), offering greater visibility and control over your payment processes and customer experiences. With all PSPs synced to one payment orchestration layer, you can automatically route transactions to the most efficient and cost-effective providers based on real-time data. This can help minimize declined transactions and boost authorization rates, leading to customer satisfaction and increased revenue for the merchant.

Payment orchestration platforms are also instrumental to expanding your reach and accessing new markets. For example, you can use different orchestration layers or PSPs to enable local processing even for international customers. Meaning, you can accept global payment methods in local markets without being bogged down by cross-border fees. You can also meet regional regulations and compliance standards to help mitigate risk and reduce friction at checkout.

Optimize processing with payment orchestration

PayPal Braintree provides the orchestration capabilities enterprises need to meet today’s payment challenges and streamline checkout experiences at scale — all through a single integration.

With Braintree, you can expand your footprint while still maintaining control over each payment process. That is, you can build a payment flow that is specific to your business and customers’ needs — no extra developer resources required. Braintree also offers advanced fraud protection, so you can securely share transaction and payment data with other processors while keeping your business and customers safe.

The use cases for orchestrating payments

Businesses worldwide use Braintree to better streamline their payments and fuel growth. Here’s a closer look at the practical use cases of Braintree’s payments orchestration solution:

Connect with multiple PSPs

Traditionally, merchants may have chosen to use a single PSP for all of their processing needs, but to deliver a range of tailored and cost-efficient customer experiences, many have resorted to using multiple PSPs. The problem is, integrating with two or three or more PSPs can be expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why Braintree payment orchestration enables merchants to connect to multiple PSPs with a single integration. In other words, merchants don’t have to sign up with a PSP and separate orchestration vendor. Instead, Braintree will cover all their processing needs — whether they’re using Braintree, Stripe, Adyen, or another service provider.

Fuel global expansion

More PSPs means access to more markets — and more opportunities to offer the local payment methods that customers prefer. By processing payments from one platform, merchants can also reduce costs by eliminating cross-border fees on global transactions.

Optimize processing and transaction retries

Merchants can dynamically route transactions through their Braintree integration, optimizing for authorization performance or transaction cost. Also, if a transaction is declined, merchants can orchestrate the transaction and retry with another PSP, helping to potentially recover the sale.

When wine subscription retailer Naked Wines was ready to branch out into new markets, they needed a payment processor that could help them increase approval rates while mitigating risk. With a single integration, PayPal Braintree streamlined operations and boosted authorizations. In fact, Naked Wines saw a 5% increase in approvals in the US and the UK, leading to better customer experiences.1

Build connected commerce experiences

Merchants can share the payment data stored in their vault with any PCI-compliant endpoint, including other Braintree merchants. This provides businesses the opportunity to cross-sell or feature complimentary offerings on their site without necessarily holding inventory. Businesses can also connect to third-party vendors of their choice for fraud, loyalty, rewards, and more to help expand their ecosystem.

With data from these sources available in one place, businesses can gain a comprehensive view of the customer journey and build connected commerce experiences, like seamlessly offering insurance for tickets in the same checkout flow. These bespoke offerings can also help minimize cart abandonment and boost revenue.

Create redundancy and backup vaults

Payment data is precious and needs to be well taken care of. Businesses have the ability to share payments data stored in their Braintree vault with their own proprietary vault or third-party services to ensure redundancy and back ups incase of failures or outages.

One integration, endless growth opportunities

The payments landscape may only become more complex as new payment methods, technologies, and customer expectations emerge — challenging enterprises to adapt or risk losing valuable revenue. Payment orchestration emerges as the essential solution for businesses, enabling them to adeptly navigate this complex landscape and proactively unlock new opportunities for future growth.

That’s where Braintree comes in. With a single integration, businesses can connect their payment data in one place, unlock new business verticals, and streamline payment processes to elevate customer experiences across the globe.

Learn more about expanding your business with payment orchestration.

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