Pioneering a revolution: Transforming in-store payments

Customer expectations are shifting rapidly as shoppers seek frictionless, fast, and convenient experiences both online and in-person.

One Forbes study found that 51% of shoppers have stopped shopping at brick-and-mortar businesses that didn’t accept contactless payments.1 Younger shoppers are even more likely to do so: 78% of Gen Zers, 55% of Millennials, and 52% of Gen Xers that Forbes surveyed reported no longer shopping at businesses that only accept traditional payment methods.1

Businesses must meet these changing in-store shopping expectations to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

By adopting an integrated payments solution, for example, retailers may enhance customer satisfaction while increasing sales, improving operational efficiency, and accessing valuable customer insights for future growth.

Learn more about how enterprises can use innovative payment technologies to transform their in-store shopping experiences.

Seamless integration is key to an enhanced customer experience

Traditional payment systems can feel disjointed, requiring customers to switch between terminals, enter information multiple times, and wait for approvals. This disrupts the shopping journey and creates unnecessary friction, potentially leading to cart abandonment and frustrated customers.

Businesses that want to deliver truly efficient in-store checkout experiences should adopt a payment solution that seamlessly integrates with their existing applications. For example, when customers check out, they should be able to scan their items at the same terminal where they pay by using a digital watch or Tap to Pay card for a one-touch transaction.

To that end, PayPal Braintree’s omnichannel capabilities can help retailers improve customer experiences and drive conversions with:

  • Multiple integration options. PayPal Braintree In-Person terminals seamlessly integrate with various point-of-sale (POS) systems used by US businesses, reducing the need for additional hardware or software.
  • Cross-platform compatibility. PayPal Braintree In-Person supports online and in-store purchases, allowing customers to move between channels without any disruption to their payment experiences.
  • Simplified transactions. Features like one click payments post authorization make checkouts quick and hassle-free for customers.

Innovation drives operational efficiency

Outdated in-store payment systems can slow down the checkout process. Traditional solutions, for example, often require manual tasks like cash handling, voucher verification, and receipt printing to complete transactions. These processes can be time consuming, diverting valuable resources away from core business activities.

By automating these functions with a payment solution like PayPal Braintree In-Person, businesses can potentially free up more time for employees to focus on customer service, inventory management, and other important tasks. More specifically, PayPal Braintree In-Person helps streamline operations by:

  • Automating repetitive tasks. Spend less time completing manual tasks and more time concentrating on strategy and decision-making.
  • Reducing operational overhead. Improve efficiency with faster payment processing and streamlined checkout experiences.
  • Delivering valuable insights. Use data insights to keep inventory updated in real time and improve customer experiences at checkout.

Data-driven insights for personalized experiences

Customers today expect personalized shopping experiences — whether they’re researching products on a mobile app, completing purchases on an e-commerce platform, or picking up their items in-store.

With an integrated payments solution, businesses can access data-driven insights about their customers’ behaviors and preferences, using these insights to personalize experiences across touchpoints. This can potentially lead to:

  • Enhanced customer engagement. Curate relevant product recommendations and promotions for each customer based on past purchases, preferred brands, and spending habits.
  • Increased sales and revenue. Meet customers with products and offers that align with their interests, motivating them to make a purchase.
  • Improved customer loyalty. Help customers feel valued and understood by tailoring experiences to their needs, fostering trust, loyalty, and long-term relationships.

PayPal Braintree In-Person provides the advanced data tools businesses need to gather insights from each touchpoint and deliver more personalized, streamlined customer experiences.

Gaining the competitive edge with innovative in-person payment methods

In a competitive retail landscape, businesses can stand out and convert new customers by differentiating their in-store experiences with cutting-edge technology. A unified payment processor can bridge the gap between in-person and online platforms. This way, shoppers can quickly make an order from a semi-attended kiosk, for example, or pay in person and then receive a personalized offer for loyalty rewards. Retailers can also attract and retain tech-savvy customers by offering alternative in-store payment methods, such as digital wallets.

Future-proofing retail businesses

Customer behaviors will continue to evolve as new payment technology trends emerge. Within just the last few years, alternative payment methods (APMs) like buy now, pay later, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins have grown in popularity — transforming the ways customers pay and interact with retailers. Today, for example, 35% of shoppers say they use digital wallets for both small and large purchases.1

Retailers should stay on top of these evolving trends to future-proof their businesses and continue building customer relationships. That’s why PayPal In-Person is constantly evolving to help enterprises in the following ways:

  • Adapt to future technologies. PayPal Braintree In-Person already supports APM such as Apple Pay, Venmo, cryptocurrencies, and Pay Later options.
  • Enhance and maintain compliance. As technology evolves, so do security threats. PayPal In-Person prioritizes secure transactions and adheres to compliance standards, providing peace of mind and helping protec businesses against potential security risks.
  • Deliver customer-centered checkout experiences. PayPal In-Person helps create a seamless and convenient customer experience, which can be critical to attracting and retaining customers for future growth.

Transform in-store experiences with integrated payment solutions

Customer expectations are shifting, and retailers have a valuable opportunity to meet those expectations by transforming their in-store shopping experiences.

By adopting an integrated payment platform such as PayPal In-Person, enterprises can improve operational efficiency, streamline the checkout process, and differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape — better preparing their business for the changes yet to come.

Learn more about PayPal Braintree In-Person and how it can transform your retail payment experience.

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