How PayPal’s strengths can help Pay Later work for you

PayPal Pay Later provides a credit alternative to customers looking for buy now, pay later options. And it comes from the global fintech leader that customers have known and trusted for years.

Buy now, pay later (BNPL) offers purchasing flexibility that enables shoppers to pay over time. PayPal’s BNPL offering, PayPal Pay Later, gives shoppers two ways to buy what they want and pay for those purchases later.

Pay in 41 lets customers pay for purchases in four interest-free payments. Pay Monthly2, PayPal’s longer-term payment option, allows customers to spread the cost of their eligible purchases into equal monthly payments.

Because Pay Later is part of the PayPal ecosystem, businesses and shoppers can feel secure about Pay Later as a BNPL option – in the same way they feel about PayPal as a payments partner and payment method.

While BNPL adoption is still expanding, Pay Later is already positioned to succeed in this growing space, thanks to the strengths of PayPal.

Pay Later benefits from PayPal’s years of experience

As a global leader with more than 20 years of payments experience and 11 years of BNPL experience, PayPal has the knowledge and tenure to understand lending and financial services.3

This offers many benefits to businesses that use Pay Later:

  • Help navigating macroeconomic uncertainty and regulatory changes. PayPal has continued to grow amid years of changing market conditions.
  • Confidence that PayPal has the financial power to continue growing and innovating its BNPL offerings. PayPal’s strong and secure balance sheet helps ensure it can continue investing in its products.
  • Ability to expand globally while remaining compliant to changing privacy regulations. PayPal has the global compliance and risk management tools and capabilities to help businesses expand globally while responding to changing compliance and risk requirements, including those that may impact BNPL in the future.
  • Power to reach potential new customers by tapping into PayPal’s existing user base. PayPal’s years of proprietary data and data models can help identify potential Pay Later users within PayPal’s user base – giving businesses a new way to reach customers. In fact, 65% of PayPal customers in the United States are pre-approved to use Pay in 4.4

Customers trust PayPal and Pay Later

With PayPal’s 435+ million active accounts, it’s easy to see why PayPal is the second most trusted brand across the financial services industry in the United States.5 Offering trusted BNPL options can help boost shoppers’ confidence and buying power. Without these options, shoppers may look elsewhere. In fact, 47% of PayPal customers using BNPL have abandoned a purchase when PayPal wasn’t available.6 Shoppers also tend to come back: 66% of Pay Later transactions in the United States are from repeat customers.7

Customers are at the heart of PayPal

PayPal strives for long-term relationships based on trust – and no surprises – with businesses and consumers. So, Pay Later customers see their payment schedule up front. And they’re never charged application or late fees. All Pay Later transactions are backed by the PayPal security that consumers and businesses know and trust.8 PayPal also covers qualifying transactions with PayPal Purchase Protection9 for added peace of mind.

PayPal is a trusted global leader in lending and financial services that puts customers at the center of everything it does. As more customers get comfortable with this digital take on installment payments, businesses can rely on PayPal’s experience and reputation to help them grow.

Learn more about PayPal Pay Later options.

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