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Every business is in a different place when it comes to payment optimizations. Business leaders need to be able to understand payments optimizations to make the best business decisions. PayPal is simplifying payment optimizations to make these topics understandable so that your business can focus on what matters most.

Learn about Checkout optimization, auth rates, vaulting, tokenization, fraud management, and chargeback protection in our series of videos and articles.

Overcoming the Challenges of Backend Payment Processing

Jun 1, 2023

Most car owners choose their mechanics carefully. They may have developed a working relationship with them over years or even decades – built on mutual trust and the understanding that they have the car owner’s best interests at heart. Similarly, online merchants should pick their payment processor with care. They should know that there’s more to success than the shiny exterior of a checkout experience. PayPal takes care of a whole stack of back-end payment processing to deliver for its customers. Let’s take a look under the hood.

Optimize Authorization Rates to Drive Revenue

Jun 10, 2023

Organizations spend significant time and resources trying to drive revenue. From digital marketing to website design and product mix, everything should be optimized to improve the bottom line. But what happens when, after all that, a customer’s payment is declined? This is why authorization rates are so important.

The Benefits of Network Tokenization

Jun 10, 2023

Business leaders have plenty to keep them awake at night. How to keep their customers data secure and improve the shopping experience? How to keep on top of transaction fraud? How to minimize lifecycle management declines caused by fraud, expiration, and other reasons? Keeping authorization rates high, whilst minimizing fraud losses is tough enough. Doing so whilst delivering a seamless customer experience is even more challenging.

Enterprise Fraud Management Solutions

Jun 9, 2023

Digital commerce is surging, but so is transaction fraud. PayPal alone sees 168,000 fraud events on average per day.1 The challenge facing merchants is therefore to improve their detection of illegitimate transactions without worsening the user experience for genuine shoppers. Transaction fraud and unseen threats like stolen credentials or suspicious buying patterns can harm your business.

Minimize Fraud Losses with Chargeback Solutions

Jun 9, 2023

Merchants are struggling to contain losses due to chargebacks. When customers claim that their item didn’t arrive or they didn’t authorize a transaction, it can add strain to your resources and revenue. With scarce in-house resources and limited access to the right data, it can sometimes feel like you are taking the hit on chargebacks. And this is a high stakes game: get fraud and risk strategies wrong and the resulting chargeback losses, overheads and reputational hit could be significant.

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