A Perfect Pairing: Naked Wines integrates PayPal Braintree and approvals increase by 5%

PayPal Braintree helped Naked Wines scale globally from a development perspective to streamlining operations, increasing approvals by 5%.

Launched in the UK in 2008, Naked Wines has a unique mission: disrupt the global wine market for the benefit of customers and winemakers alike. Through a direct-to-consumer subscription model, the company’s customers help it invest in talented, independent winemakers around the world.1

Success metrics

  • 5% Increase in approval rates.2
  • 0.03% chargeback rate.3

The opportunity – a payment processor to scale and increase approvements.

The company’s unique business model makes for complex payment processing needs. Customers can use their subscription amount/balance to purchase wine either immediately or in future months. “It can be a little unique in how we apply payments,” says CTO David Crawford.

Naked Wines wanted to switch to a payment processor that could accommodate this nuance at scale and increase approval rates while mitigating risk. PayPal Braintree delivered a next generation payment platform that allows for a single integration of payments beyond cards, such as PayPal and APMs.

The solution – PayPal Braintree and Fraud Protection Advanced helped Naked Wines process payments securely at scale.

PayPal collaborated with Naked Wines to integrate PayPal Braintree, the only payments platform that delivers PayPal, Venmo (in the US), credit and debit cards, and digital wallets in a single, seamless integration.

The PayPal Braintree platform gave Naked Wines the ability to turn on new features quickly and configure options as needed to keep up with growth. They took advantage of several of PayPal Braintree’s features that helped streamline operations and reduce declines.

Account Updater automatically provides the company the most up-to-date credit card information for its customers. Automatic retries ensure that transactions are re-attempted when updated information is available. Network tokenization’s innovative technology helps enhance security and deliver a higher authorization rate.

Naked Wines also adopted PayPal’s Fraud Protection Advanced (FPA), an adaptive risk management solution that integrates with PayPal Braintree. FPA uses rich data to help identify, investigate, and reduce fraud.

The impact – Improved payment processing helped boost authorizations and customer satisfaction.

After implementing PayPal Braintree, Naked Wines saw an increase in authorization rates, delivering a 5% increase in approvals in the US and the UK.2 This increase led to more sales and a better customer checkout experience on the front end and a reduction in chargebacks on the back end.

“With Account Updater and higher approval rates, we saw concrete efficiencies,” says Senior Product Manager Jules Larmandier. “Braintree’s global APIs helped us scale from a technical development and operational point of view.”

Naked Wines has also seen positive results from adopting FPA. The ability to apply customized rules on a granular level with FPA prevents fraud while prioritizing functionality and ensuring excellent customer experience.

Naked Wines Case Study (PDF)

Naked Wines Case Study (PDF)

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