PayPal Braintree gives WeSki an edge with a 5.4% increase in approval rates

PayPal Braintree helped enable growth for WeSki with minimal integration effort resulting in a 5.4% increase in approval rates.

WeSki, a leader in the $60 billion travel market, is simplifying the way people book ski holidays. Typically, skiers must either reserve each element of their trip separately or purchase packages through a travel agency. But WeSki’s proprietary technology makes it easy for travelers to search, combine, and book all elements of a ski vacation on their site.

Success metrics

  • 5.4% Increase in authorization rates.1
  • Minimal integration effort.2
  • Local consultative support.2

The opportunity – WeSki seeks to expand payment options for customers worldwide.

Looking to expand its business, WeSki needed an end-to-end payment processor that could help the company scale globally.

While WeSki streamlined planning a perfect ski adventure, they needed a processor that could help them simplify global payments. The company also wanted to enable multiple alternative payment methods (APMs) to ensure their customers could select their payment of choice.

Previously, WeSki didn’t offer multiple APMs, as that would have required several separate integrations. They needed a payment solution that would allow for multiple APMs within one integration.

The solution – PayPal Braintree takes service level to new heights.

WeSki selected the only payment processor that delivers PayPal, Venmo (in the US), credit and debit cards, and popular digital wallets in a single, seamless integration. They chose PayPal Braintree.

WeSki was attracted to PayPal Braintree’s scalable, future-ready payments platform. Additionally, the minimal level of effort required to integrate PayPal Braintree was another key differentiator. The end-to-end, developer-friendly integration was completed within a few weeks and resulted in immediate increased operational efficiencies for WeSki. It also meant that WeSki could allocate their time to more strategic initiatives.

According to WeSki’s COO, David Benzmira, PayPal solutions hit the mark. “It’s incredibly simple. The reports are outstanding, and the platform operates seamlessly. Everything about it is fantastic.”

Not only does the WeSki team value PayPal’s innovative technology, but they also appreciate PayPal’s consultative customer service. What sets PayPal Braintree apart is their commitment to local customer support, providing expertise and working with the WeSki team to ensure success throughout the process.

“The service is amazing,” adds Benzmira, noting that PayPal put great energy and care behind helping WeSki succeed with its new payment processing platform.

The impact – PayPal Braintree provides WeSki with global lift.

WeSki improved their authorization rates thanks to PayPal Braintree, giving their revenue a big boost. Authorization rates have jumped 5.4% since integration.1

Additionally, PayPal’s global brand recognition helps strengthen customer trust. This is particularly important given WeSki’s large average order value.

“It is paramount to establish trust with customers.” says Benzmira. “Customers feel a lot more comfortable paying when they see the PayPal icon on the Checkout page.”

PayPal Braintree is a great fit for WeSki’s strategy, as they plan to expand across Europe and into the United States. With a global footprint of 50+ markets and 130+ currencies, PayPal Braintree enables WeSki to expand and scale with assurance.

Benzmira says it best. “Without a robust solution like PayPal Braintree, our growth would be hindered, as it enables us to scale as desired.”

WeSki Case Study (PDF)

WeSki Case Study (PDF)

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