Bolt’s lightning-fast growth and PayPal’s power take the world by storm

Since launching in Germany, Bolt saw an immediate rise in their approval rate, repeat purchases and overall market share with PayPal.

As global expansion brought increasingly complex payment processing demands, Bolt looked for a processor to help meet those needs. Bolt’s team chose PayPal.

Kadi Pung, Product Manager of Payment Integrations at Bolt, shared how PayPal supports Bolt’s phenomenal global growth by reducing friction at checkout and driving conversion.

Success metrics

  • 82% of PayPal customers make repeat purchases.*
  • 50% market share with PayPal.*

Bolt blasts into new markets with a secure payment solution

Bolt’s expansion into Western Europe brought increasingly complex payment processing demands. The team had to consider alternative payment options to satisfy their growing customer base and EU regulatory requirements.

When looking for a processor to meet these needs, Bolt’s team chose to integrate PayPal Express Checkout for their launch in Germany.

Since Bolt’s launch in Germany, PayPal has captured a 50% market share, with more people choosing PayPal at checkout than credit cards. Additionally, Bolt saw an immediate rise in their approval rate with PayPal.*

As Bolt grew, they needed to build Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) into their payment flow. PayPal’s trusted regulatory processes satisfied all SCA requirements with a future-proof solution. Thus, helping Bolt reduce friction at checkout and drive conversion.

Bolt changes the world one innovation at a time

Adding new business lines to existing markets while growing a user base in new markets is challenging for some, but the Bolt team is confident and equipped for success. Not only do they have the systems in place, but they also have PayPal’s support teams by their side.

“When we need help or insights into markets, the PayPal team has answers. I know we can rely on them,” notes Pung. “We were very impressed with the onboarding to PayPal. We have never seen a process so efficient and quick.”

Since payments are already quick and easy with PayPal Checkout, the Bolt team doesn’t have to worry about creating a more intuitive payment process as they focus on the user experience. With PayPal, Bolt customers have peace of mind and confidence when checking out or paying. In fact, nearly 82% of Bolt customers who initially checked out with PayPal continue using PayPal on return visits.*

With rapid growth and expansion, it’s an exciting time for Bolt. Fusing technology with transportation, Bolt created a different approach to mobility.

While the future may be uncharted, PayPal is ready to support. PayPal Checkout is already accepted in over 200 countries/regions and supports 25 currencies, helping assure Bolt has a smooth road ahead as they continue their lightning-fast growth trajectory.

Bolt Case Study (PDF)

Bolt Case Study (PDF)

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