Reimagine travel: The customer journey

Travel and tourism are back on the move, with demand significantly increasing for both domestic and leisure travel, as well as international and business trips. Our eBook compiles the top ten tips to help you deliver a first-class online booking experience.

Amidst the ever-changing ways people are approaching travel, PayPal is committed to helping our travel and tourism partners meet rising demand.

Here are ten practical tips that you can adopt to keep pace with evolving expectations and enrich travel experiences across the customer journey.

Be upfront: Present payment options from the get-go

Consumers value transparency during the buying process. Show available payment options on your homepage, or early in the buying process.

Keep it real: Be specific about what you offer

People know what they want – and need – when they travel, and they make decisions based on the information you provide online. Ensure all amenities, services, costs, and listings are accurate.

Help boost sales: Provide Buy Now, Pay Later options

Pent-up demand for luxury travel experiences is causing many travelers to opt for pay later options to help manage the cost. Offering Buy Now Pay Later options can encourage shoppers to complete a purchase.1

Blur the lines: Cater to the “bleisure” traveler

You can make it easy for business-leisure travelers to extend and enhance their trips to cater to this growing market.

Get personal: Deliver customized and connected commerce

It’s important to keep on top of constantly evolving technology. Evaluate your app’s offering of end-to-end personalized services to create a one-stop shop for customers.

Go cashless: Offer contactless mobile payment options

Increased awareness about hygiene and disease transmission has made contactless payments the preferred way to settle bills. Consider offering mobile apps, e-wallets, and “tap to pay” cards.

Be flexible: The new necessity

Last-minute changes are often inevitable. Offering travel flexibility is good for customers and drives loyalty for businesses.

Ex(change) it up: Build in currency converters

Create a frictionless buying process by offering travelers the option to pay in a currency that’s familiar to them.

Provide security: Offer payment options that help protect against fraud

In 2021, global travel and leisure industry fraud rates soared by 156%.2 Provide secure, high-converting payment options with strong fraud-protection capabilities.

Paint a picture: Use lifestyle imagery

Travelers are more likely to select a scenario they can picture themselves within. Showcase accurate and recent lifestyle photography that best represents your location or service.

Read our eBook to discover how you can provide customers with a seamless and straightforward planning and payment process – along with an enjoyable travel experience – to keep them coming back.

Read Our eBook (PDF)

Read Our eBook (PDF)

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