Video Case Studies: PayPal Braintree offers cutting-edge functionality with proven reliability

As a subscription-based business, ensuring the continuity of the customer experience across all its brands is critical. Maintaining a customer’s desire to improve their health is key to their purchasing decision, so ease of checkout is paramount.

All in a single integration, PayPal Braintree enables Wellful to offer PayPal, Venmo, credit cards, and other alternative payment methods. Additional functions like network tokenization and real-time account updater help ensure secure transacting and up-to-date customer data.

We sat down with Wellful’s CTO Nitin Chaudhary and CEO Brandon Adcock to talk how the company sought a payment processor that could provide advanced technology and align with Wellful’s forward-looking approach. And with the ability to implement several payment methods quickly via a single integration.

Watch the testimonial videos to learn more about how a seamless checkout process removes any barriers that may dissuade their customers.

Wellful Case Study (PDF)

Wellful Case Study (PDF)

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