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Waldi’s Pizza Shop serves up an easy online shopping experience with PayPal Checkout

Sebastian Maletzke started making pizzas for his friends in his parents’ old wood-burning oven. Now, over a decade later, he’s giving cooking advice to a global audience of YouTube subscribers and providing delicious pizza ingredients via his online shop, Waldi’s Pizza.

Success metrics

  • 88% of customers pay with PayPal since migration to PayPal Checkout.2
  • 40% increase in sales with PayPal.2

The opportunity – Waldi’s Pizza Shop wanted to find the best way to get quality ingredients to their customers.

When Maletzke started his YouTube channel in 2019, he spent most of his time driving to weekly markets and company parties to sell his pizza. After the Waldi’s Pizza channel took off, currently reaching 100,000 subscribers, he knew he needed a better way to get his products to customers.1

“It made sense to me to go live with an online shop,” Maletzke said. “Somewhere my pizza community could find the exact products they know from my videos.”

The solution – Waldi’s Pizza Shop found an effortless solution through JTL and PayPal Checkout.

Maletzke worked with multichannel provider JTL to create Waldi’s Pizza Shop. With their support, Waldi’s was able to streamline processes, generating efficiencies with ordering, shipping, and customer communications.

As the operation expanded, Maletzke knew he needed to find a payment solution that could provide customers with a more seamless checkout experience. And so, he turned to PayPal Checkout.

Thanks to the convenient infrastructure of his website and JTL’s strong relationship with PayPal, it took Maletzke only a few quick steps to link his online shop to PayPal Checkout. “Implementing PayPal as a payment method was easy. It took no more than fifteen minutes,” he said. “It’s simply the most practical for me and my team to have everything from a single source.”

It wasn’t just the almost effortless implementation of PayPal Checkout that grabbed Maletzke’s attention. “What convinced me was the significantly larger range of functions.” The PayPal plugin offers button customization and choice. “I just want to offer people the payment method they expect.” Features like PayPal Pay Later “ensure people have the best possible experience in my JTL store.”

The impact – PayPal Checkout is helping Waldi’s Pizza Shop gain trust and cross borders.

While Maletzk’s YouTube content focuses on making pizza, he still considers building relationships the most important part of his business. “Though they simply know me as Waldi, my customers trust me. They like that I’m uncomplicated. Using PayPal is another way I can show them that, making it easy and secure for them to shop.”

Maletzke has seen 88% of his customers choose PayPal as a payment method since his move to PayPal Checkout, resulting in a nearly 40% increase in sales among PayPal users.2 Most importantly, PayPal Checkout gives him the payments foundation to expand across borders.

Maletzke hopes to make it easy for customers in Luxembourg, France, and Poland to shop from his store, and PayPal Checkout’s ten local and regional payment methods make this possible.

From loyal followers to future customers, Waldi’s Pizza strives to ensure every customer has a pleasant shipping experience. This is why Meletzk firmly believes “PayPal is a must in my JTL shop.”

Learn how PayPal can help your small business.

JTL & Waldi’s Pizza Case Study (PDF)

JTL & Waldi’s Pizza Case Study (PDF)

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