Video Case Studies: PayPal helps Spokeo increase recurring revenue for their business

When Spokeo added PayPal, they saw an increase in new users from a previously untapped demographic, helping extend its customer base.

Founded as a startup sixteen years ago, Spokeo is a people intelligence service that now houses more than 12 billion records from thousands of data sources. In March 2021, Spokeo added PayPal to their platform leading to an increase in conversion and net new customers.

Eric Liang, Co-Founder and CIO at Spokeo, sat down with us to talk about the PayPal solutions Spokeo uses and how they help to enhance the customer experience.

Watch the testimonial videos to learn more about the impact of PayPal on Spokeo and why it has quickly become a critical part of their business.

Spokeo Case Study (PDF)

Spokeo Case Study (PDF)

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