How PayPal helps Freightos deliver freight fast

Learn how PayPal and Freightos are collaborating to democratize and digitize the complex, manual and often fragmented nature of today’s global shipping industry.

Founded in 2012, Freightos has become one of the world’s biggest online marketplaces for international shipping, powering more than $1 billion in global trade every year.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Yaniv Kalo, Senior Director for Payments and Strategy at Freightos, who explained how their collaboration with PayPal helps keep its funds moving as quickly as the world’s cargo.

Fast payments to deliver freight fast

With Freightos’ explosive global growth came the need for a global payments partner to help them scale efficiently. PayPal’s Braintree technology platform helped enable Freightos to expand its customer reach and drive higher conversion by offering PayPal, credit and debit cards, as well as alternative and local payment methods.

Additionally, Braintree’s seamless integration helped accelerate customer onboarding and consolidate reporting. Just as Freightos helps their customers effectively streamline operations, PayPal helps the growing freight company do the same by providing a comprehensive payments platform to help grow their company.

According to Kalo, seeing the highly trusted PayPal brand gave Freightos’ customers confidence that they’d receive their payments on time via the channel of their choice. It also provided them with the flexibility and control to consolidate operations and potentially amplify their payout reach.

“It’s easy to work with PayPal,” said Kalo. “They will guide you. They will help you grow your business. They offer a consultative approach to our business and provide the support we need.”

Having a single platform for payments and payouts has had a significant impact on Freightos’ business by providing integrated products and innovative technology.

One payments provider, comprehensive compliance expertise

Despite its pioneering technology and burgeoning business model, Freightos’ growth was still hampered by complicated compliance regulations. Freightos needed assistance with the ever-expanding compliance efforts required of a global marketplace.

PayPal’s consultative approach and global reach helped provide Freightos with a fully compliant and scalable solution to fit their business needs. Additionally, PayPal helped Freightos to comply with PSD2 and other regulations with fewer resources.

Thanks to the digital booking platform that Freightos created, international freight is now shipped with more transparency, faster delivery and greater visibility – a long overdue development for the $500 billion global freight market.

“We see PayPal as a very strategic partnership,” said Kalo. “Everyone is engaged to help us make sure the company continues to grow.

What’s next?

Freightos plans to extend their relationship with PayPal to include even more capabilities in the future. They are currently reviewing PayPal’s Pay Later solutions and extending PayPal’s processing and payouts capabilities to other business units.

“If you open a new business, you’d like to focus your whole effort on your business,” said Kalo. “PayPal will give you payments as a package and as a partner they will help you.

Download the case study to learn more.

Freightos Case-Study Payouts (PDF)

Freightos Case-Study Payouts (PDF)

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