PayPal and Fandango reimagine the movie experience through seamless payment solutions

Fandango takes pride in delivering best-in-class user experiences by understanding their customers’ preferences and behaviors. Discover how PayPal and Fandango are powering the modern moviegoing experience through seamless payment solutions.

Fandango stretches across the entertainment landscape with the ultimate goal of connecting fans to the movies and content they want in a frictionless manner. This makes reliable payment processing solutions vital to support their business and customers.

As an evolving business in an evolving industry, Fandango is focused on providing the best experience for movie fans through its commitment to innovation.

We spoke with Greg Ferris, SVP and Chief Product Officer, and Mark Young, SVP Global Strategy, Business and Corporate Development at Fandango, to discuss the company’s decade-long relationship with PayPal and their shared goal of providing seamless customer experiences.

PayPal helps enable frictionless moviegoing experiences

Fandango takes pride in delivering a best-in-class user experience by prioritizing both customer preferences and behaviors – and their work with PayPal is integral to this mission.

Fandango uses PayPal’s processing solutions, powered by Braintree to help ensure checkout is seamless. “When we thought about how we need to involve our payment processing platform, that’s where we needed to look more closely at the offerings around tokenization, stored credit cards, and all the things that not only take friction out of the buying process, but that add to the security,” says Mark. “So when I think about our relationship with PayPal, it’s across those dimensions.”

PayPal’s processing solution also helps ensure there’s no interruption to that flow when demand spikes. “PayPal has been a great partner in terms of scalability and reliability. We certainly have peak demands, particularly on presales and the weekend of movie openings,” says Greg. “So for us, those are just critical moments to make sure that we’ve got full stability in our system. And PayPal has always really delivered.”

New ways to pay help meet the demands of the modern consumer

In addition to frictionless payment processing on the backend, Fandango also brings innovation to the ways consumers pay on the frontend with Venmo and split pay. “We want to make sure for all of our movie fans – from young fans to older fans and everywhere in between – that we’re offering the payment methods that they use the most,” said Greg. “Through Venmo, PayPal has helped us help our customers complete their moviegoing journey by providing them with a convenient way to pay each other back.”

What’s next?

As Fandango continues to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing marketplace, their collaboration with PayPal is essential. “We look to PayPal to educate us. What are the ways we should be thinking about payments in the future that may not be obvious in the media entertainment space?” said Mark. “What PayPal does for us is get us to think more broadly about the new ways people are using PayPal and the ways we can innovate.”

This mutual commitment to innovation is where the behind-the-scenes movie magic lies.

Watch the video and download the case study to learn how PayPal plays a starring role in Fandango’s operations.

PayPal Case Studies Fandango (PDF)

PayPal Case Studies Fandango (PDF)

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