Adorama and PayPal’s solutions create a picture-perfect portrait of success

PayPal’s versatile solutions helped Adorama meet their customers where they wanted to be while providing an easy and seamless checkout experience.

As the largest specialty retailer of professional audio, video, and photography gear in New York City, Adorama is at the forefront of quality service and innovation. Recognizing that payment and personalization at checkout are strategic differentiators for their brand, they collaborated with PayPal on the best solutions to support their growth and scale.

Adorama integrated PayPal’s payment processing solution, Braintree, which offered the seamless integration of PayPal, Venmo, BNPL, PayPal's In-Person Payments solution, and more. We spoke with Hani Batla, CIO/CTO of Adorama, and Diana Tabakina, Director of Loyalty and Credit, about the company’s commitment to offer next-level experiences and how PayPal helped them get there.

Watch the videos and download the case study to see how PayPal Solutions enable growth and innovation with Adorama.

PayPal In-Person Payments Solution

Adorama Case Study (PDF)

Adorama Case Study (PDF)

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