AI for small business marketing: Integrating generative AI for powerful image generation

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In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, there’s growing pressure to capture consumer attention in seconds. For small business owners with limited time and shrinking budgets, integrating generative AI marketing tools can speed up the process — creating fresh and unique content with minimal effort, if done in commercially safe ways.

Generative AI — a technology that autonomously produces new content based on learned patterns from existing data — empowers small businesses to efficiently create marketing visuals that go beyond what traditional methods can achieve. According to a recent study, 25% of small business owners in the U.S. and Canada are either using or testing generative AI tools, with two-thirds expressing their intention to adopt this technology in the next 12 months.1

Using AI image generation tools to amplify marketing efforts

In this guide, discover how AI image generation can be a powerful tool for small businesses.

How AI image generation tools can help small businesses

Generative AI marketing tools offer a range of benefits to small businesses, making them a valuable addition to any marketing strategy. Here are some potential benefits:

  • Time efficiency: Focus on core operations while consistently producing engaging visuals. This can allow you to allocate more time and resources to other essential aspects of your business.
  • Cost effective: AI image generation tools offer a cost-effective alternative to hiring designers, making it easy for businesses to maintain a professional visual presence without breaking the bank.
  • Inspiration: By leveraging AI-generated visuals, you can experiment with fresh concepts and styles, ultimately inspiring creativity and pushing the boundaries of your marketing campaigns — which can set you apart from competitors and attract a broader audience.

How to get the best results when using AI image generation tools

To effectively use AI image generation tools, start by providing clear and concise prompts or instructions that align with your creative goals and brand identity. Experiment with different input parameters to fine-tune the output and ensure it meets your specific requirements. Also, always review and refine generated images to achieve your desired level of quality and authenticity.

Keep these tips in mind:

  • Brand relevance: Use AI image generation prompts that reflect your brand and align with your business's values. Ensure that the AI-generated images maintain the same color schemes, fonts, and visual elements consistent with your brand identity. This helps ensures that your brand remains recognizable and cohesive across all marketing materials.
  • Consider your audience: Create varied prompts that reflect diverse audience interests and preferences. Tailor your AI-generated content to different customer segments, taking into account their demographics, behaviors, and preferences. This personalization can help you connect with your audience on a deep level and drive increased engagement.
  • Mix with authentic content: AI image generation is a great tool — but a balance with authentic, real-world content is key to amplifying marketing efforts for images that AI cannot replicate. While AI can assist in creating stunning visuals, remember to complement it with authentic content that showcases real-life experiences, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes moments. This authenticity helps build trust with your audience and adds depth to your marketing strategy.

Key considerations in selecting an AI image generation tool

Ready to get started? Explore these general guidelines for selecting the right AI image generation tool:

  • Intellectual property and copyright. Understand the nature of each AI tool and the data it was trained on. For example, Generative AI by iStock is trained only on fully licensed creative content from Getty Images’ creative library, protecting against visuals being generated that would violate intellectual property rights.
  • Legal protection. Consider if the AI tool offers legal indemnification for the visuals it produces, giving you freedom to explore and experiment with peace of mind. With Generative AI by iStock, generated visuals come with standard legal indemnification, easing business owners’ concerns of potential copyright issues.
  • Ethical use and biases. Consider how the AI tool addresses biases and ensures the avoidance of creating images with insensitive or discriminatory elements.
  • Data privacy and security. Verify the AI tool's data-handling policies to safeguard proprietary or sensitive information used in the image generation process.
  • Uniqueness of imagery. Understand if the visuals you generated with an AI tool are added to the service’s creative library for others to license and use. For instance, visuals created using Generative AI by iStock are not added to iStock’s creative library of stock images. However, this may not be the case with other services.

Learn more about finding, licensing, and formatting stock photography.

Harnessing the power of AI marketing tools for small business

Generative AI can be a valuable way to quickly and easily create personalized, high-quality marketing visuals that resonate with diverse audiences.

But choosing the right AI image generation tool demands careful consideration and a clear understanding of ethical, authenticity, and data-privacy guidelines. For small business owners, that means selecting an AI image generation tool that:

  • Aligns with their brand values
  • Offers copyright and legal protections
  • Delivers compelling visual content

By harnessing the power of AI, businesses can streamline their marketing processes and forge connections with their audiences through visually engaging content. Explore the possibilities of AI marketing tools for small businesses and revolutionize your brand presence in the digital era.

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