Acquire, convert, and retain new customers: put the world of PayPal to work for you

PayPal can help you acquire and retain customers, boost conversion, and drive loyalty. Discover how you can make the world of PayPal Checkout, Venmo, and buy now, pay later work for you.

Acquire, convert, and retain customers with PayPal

New technologies and rising customer expectations have made it challenging to optimize the path to purchase. We understand how difficult and complex it can be to acquire, convert, and retain customers – and we want to help. Learn how we can shape the customer journey in a way that helps you reach more customers, boost conversion, drive loyalty – and ultimately grow your large enterprise in surprising ways.


Reach buyers

PayPal helps you access and acquire new customers across a global network, offering many of the most popular ways to pay, as well as our own proprietary payment methods. You can harness the power of a single integration to offer online, in store, mobile, and contextual commerce payment options.

  • PayPal is the most used online payment provider in the U.S., with 426+ million active accounts globally in 200+ markets, and across 130 currencies.1 2
  • 71% of consumers are more likely to trust businesses that offer their preferred payment method.3
  • 57% of consumers now say the availability of digital payment options would impact their choices of where to shop.4


Drive consideration

Presenting customers with a name they trust, like PayPal, early in the buying journey can help to boost conversions. As can letting them know they have flexible payment options, by displaying the relevant Pay Later offer on product pages or in promotional emails.5

  • PayPal ranks as the second most trusted brand globally.6
  • 74% of BNPL users have been prompted by a message earlier in the shopping journey.7
  • 51% of BNPL users abandoned a purchase due to not seeing a BNPL option. 8

Boost conversion

PayPal provides a fast, frictionless, and secure checkout to help boost conversions, through providing preferred payment methods and offering securely stored information. PayPal’s proprietary payment methods can help result in higher average order values.

  • 26% of shoppers have abandoned a shopping cart when their preferred payment is unavailable.9
  • PayPal increases checkout conversion by 28%. 10
  • PayPal’s global BNPL solutions have driven a greater than 2X AOV compared to PayPal’s standard AOV.11


Offering PayPal can help to boost affinity for your brand and increase repeat purchases, with rewards inspiring loyalty and improving customer lifetime values. PayPal Store Cash can also help you to retarget abandoned carts.

  • Merchant Net Promoter Scores are 8 points higher when paying with PayPal.12
  • PayPal increases repeat purchases by 13%. 13
  • 64% of respondents think rewards balances are as valuable as spendable cash. 14

How PayPal helps acquire and retain new customers

Here at PayPal, we understand how challenging acquiring and retaining customers can be, especially with rising consumer expectations making the task more complex. We can help you to shape your customer journeys to help you reach new markets, boost conversion, and drive loyalty, leveraging our relationships with over 400 million active accounts across 200 markets.

Download Infographic to discover more about how PayPal can help drive customer acquisition and retention.

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