PayPal.Me profile and payment link

Link up. Get paid.

Your PayPal.Me link makes it easy for friends to pay you.1 Just create your profile, get your link, share it, and you’re ready to get paid. Or, let your friends search your handle on the app.

A mobile phone screen showing a text message exchange; a tile showing what your PayPal.Me link looks like when you share it

Personalize your PayPal link

Create your handle

Your handle is also your payment link. Text it, tweet it, post it, or let your friends find you
in the app.

Tell your story

Add a location, bio, and photo so your friends know it’s you. Tell as much (or as little)
as you want.

Honor your privacy

Don’t want to be searchable? That’s okay. You can hide your profile anytime, for any reason.

How PayPal.Me works

Step 1: Get your link

Make your profile and name your handle. This will act as your payment link.

Step 2: Pass it on

Share your pay link in an email, a text message, a chat, or on social.

Step 3: Get paid

Friends and family can use your personal link to quickly send you money.1

Your payment link for settling up

Easy to create. Safe to use. Get your PayPal.Me link.

Why PayPal.Me? Glad you asked.

Easy. Fast. Typo-proof. It’s the simplest way to request money from friends and family.1 Use it to get your friend’s share for dinner, collect rent, and more.

PayPal.Me FAQs

Trust the way you pay

Easily and securely spend, send, and manage your transactions—all in one place. Download the app on your phone or sign up for free online.

Scan the code or enter your number to get the app.

A QR code you can scan with the camera on your phone to download the PayPal app
By clicking Send Link you agree to receive a text message with a link to the PayPal app. Message and data rates may apply.