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The right offer at the right time.

Attract new customers and build loyalty with our marketing platform.

A woman looking at her smartphone in surprise at the cashback offers presented by PayPal Shopping

Compelling offers. Converting shoppers.

Reach new shoppers

Increase your brand’s visibility across PayPal-owned channels—from the app to the website— that serve offers to millions of users throughout the shopper journey.

Drive sales

PayPal Shopping automatically presents the most relevant offers to shoppers, increasing average order value and encouraging both new and repeat purchases.1

Build loyalty

Keep your customers coming back by presenting insight-driven offers, based on past behavior, demographics, and more—all while they shop, browse, and manage money.

Leverage insights

Inform your marketing and sales strategies with valuable data about your customers’ shopping behavior.

How PayPal Shopping works

Design your offer

We’ll work with you to define your business goals and craft a cash back offer that maximizes your budget.

Promote your offer

Our marketing platform optimizes and strategically presents offers to potential customers throughout the shopping journey.

Pay only when customers buy

Your business gets charged only when your customers make purchases.

Track results

Access reporting and insights to measure the effectiveness of your offering at no additional cost.

Boost sales with our marketing platform

47% lift in Average Order Value (AOV)¹
32% more likely to convert¹
66% increase in customer spending¹

It all begins with a stand-out offer

When customers use your offer, they earn PayPal Rewards points that can be redeemed for cash back to be used at checkout or sent to their PayPal balance.

Reach millions of shoppers across our channels

PayPal app

Every month, 30 million customers use our app—where they can manage their money, follow your brand, and find the best deals, cash back offers, and coupons.

PayPal Shopping browser extension

Minimize cart abandonment with our browser extension—for both desktop and mobile—that presents your offer to active shoppers and helps conversion.

PayPal email

With 28 million average opens, our emails reach engaged consumers who opt-in to receive targeted messages about offers.

PayPal checkout

Present your offer when your customers pay with PayPal, and motivate them to complete their purchase.

PayPal Shopping website

Our marketing platform helps you gain visibility with the 25 million shoppers who visit our website every month.

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